Development Process



Spiral Agile Development

BSoCre8ive practices the spiral based agile
development methodology, enabling us to
deliver rapid results that emphasize client feedback,
adaptability and software that works.

Why Spiral?

Spiral dynamics are found to be common in
natural evolution and allows diverse roles while
working together towards a series
of fast-paced project goals.

The Point is Results

Working results is the principal measure of progress.


Frequent delivery of projects built to scheduled
dates decided in advance, with the client.


Enjoy unhindered access to daily statistics, including
tracking software, and feature driven reports for continuous updates.


Change is inevitable, and welcomed
at any stage of the development cycle.


Daily cooperation with project managers
and developers, including engineers and interface designers.

Attention to Detail

It's what we say "no!" to, that makes the difference. 
We choose what works, and what works flawlessly.
Technical excellence, ease of use and good design trump all.